Events In Russia That Might Be Of Interest To Tourists

Russia is a huge country; in fact, it is the largest in the world. It stretches 6.6 million sq. mi through 11 time zones. Each and every one of these time zones has its own events at certain times of the year and are far too numerous to mention.  This article will highlight a selection… Read more

How to stay entertained on the long road to wherever

The life of a traveller is not always as full of adventure and entertainment as it is shown to be. Sometimes travel involves long roads, long rides and long flights that are full of nothing to do but sit there and think about… Nothing. It is in those times that the question of “what the… Read more


When you plan a trip or an expedition to the mountain, this is a tool that will be fundamental to you. In order not to go astray, you will have at your disposal all the necessary maps and fonts, and thus live a good experience in your adventure. In this article, I leave you a… Read more