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Side Order of Gulløye with Your Rudolf, Ma’am?

You might be under the impression that the food and drink in Norway is similar to that of the UK; there’s not a great distance between us, after all. But you couldn’t be more wrong. They have an extensive menu of delicious and unusual delicacies that you should definitely try when visiting Norway. You can… Read more

Best Sedona Restaurants

As winter approaches and the snowbirds begin to flock down to the southern states, business begins to boom in some of the most beautiful places to spend the snowy season. One of the most popular towns for folks from the north to visit while they’re out in the southwest is Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, known for… Read more

Swedish Food, American Gluttony

So all this cold weather has made me feel extremely gluttonous at times, so I have been doing a lot of chowing down, so maybe I can use my blubber as warmth. I really hate it, but whatever, especially when cinnamon rolls are available almost everywhere, and you know what a fresh piece of cooked… Read more