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Best Eats on Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of the go-to destination for anyone traveling to the Los Angeles area. Known for its hosting of the more eclectic individuals in LA, Venice Beach is home to artists, musicians, and muscle builders alike. Walking down the boardwalk visitors are sure to see vendors, artists, and side shows performances. One of… Read more

Ramen Styles and Variations

When most Americans think of Ramen the first thing that comes to mind is the dry noodles and the “flavor dust” packets popular among college students.  However, ramen has been a part of Chinese and more predominately Japanese culture since the last 19th century. Ramen noodles were originally made from a single piece of dough… Read more

Best Sedona Restaurants

As winter approaches and the snowbirds begin to flock down to the southern states, business begins to boom in some of the most beautiful places to spend the snowy season. One of the most popular towns for folks from the north to visit while they’re out in the southwest is Sedona, Arizona. Sedona, known for… Read more

Best Restaurants near FC Barcelona Stadium

If you know anything about Barcelona then you know that it is a bastion of impeccable cuisine. From fresh seafood restuarantes to small street vendors Barcelona is a destination for delicious food. Here are a couple restaurants near FC Barcelona Stadium. Casa Jacinta Just a few blocks from the Stadium Casa Jacinta has a menu… Read more