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Winter sports are growing in popularity, especially the more adventurous and extreme pursuits such as snowboarding. With this in mind, here is a selection of winter sport destinations that should not be missed out on during any lifetime. From figure skating to freestyle skiing, the growing popularity of the Winter Olympics has created more demand… Read more

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5 Countries to Visit on Your Football Pilgrimage

Football, soccer, whatever the sport may be called happens to be one of the most popular sports all over the world. Annual games where teams from all over the world play with each other are highly awaited and it is not surprising why football betting has a lot of fans, after all rooting for your… Read more

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A Visit to the Japanese Cat Cafe

One of my favorite exports from Japan is the cat cafe, quaint little coffee and tea houses densely populated by adorable felines. Cat lovers of the world seek out these select cities in Japan for a unique experience unlike any you’ll find back in the States. So how does the whole thing work? Customers typically… Read more

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The Perfect Coffee Places in Osaka

Finding the best coffee places around home is a job in itself, let alone on the other side of the world. Needless to say I had my work cut out for me when I was looking for the perfect cup all the way in Osaka. Where to start? Sure, I had a cup of coffee… Read more