Best Banquet Hall Decor Ideas For Wedding In Lucknow

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Decoration, style, and theme at a wedding allow the couple to put their own stamp on the event and make it uniquely theirs. Your wedding day can be as formal or informal as you like, as quirky or fun as you like, or as natural and rustic as you like. It is essential to establish a theme for your wedding from the location to the photography to the table settings. This city of pomp and riches is known as Lucknow. Weddings in this country are just as extravagant and ostentatious as those elsewhere. There is so much for visitors to see and do in Lucknow, the city of Tameez and Tehzeeb with its rich cultural legacy. 

The city of Lucknow is the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and is well-known for its tranquilly and its residents’ commitment to a minimalistic way of life. The city is also gaining popularity as a wedding destination thanks to the abundance of beautiful, conveniently located wedding banquet halls. Both lavish hotels and far-flung villas offer wedding and event services in Lucknow. Find the best banquet hall in Luckdown that works for your personality and use it. In addition, you will go absolutely bonkers trying to figure out how to plan decor ideas to your Lucknow banquet hall in the most spectacular way possible. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin. 

Opt for Floral Displays 

The flowers at a wedding are like the Jimmy Choos of centrepieces. In short, floral arrangements are a huge statement during your wedding and should be planned carefully. First, choose a place of worship, a register office, or any other appropriate setting for your wedding vows. You might get ideas from the weddings that have already taken place at that location. Since you won’t be spending much time in the reception hall, simple decorations can help you save money. This could involve the use of artificial flowers or even more affordable options like ferns and foliage, which are now trending upward in popularity. Stunning table centrepieces may always be found in the form of fresh flowers at weddings. Enhance the already-unique atmosphere by adding in some lighting, candles, and table centrepieces. Plan the flowering arrangement before you book your banquet hall in lucknow. Keep in mind to have a genuine idea of the front gate area and inner area as well. 

Pour all the strength into lighting

Wedding reception decorations that you make yourself can be just as lovely as those you buy. For instance, lighting can have a significant effect without breaking the bank. Table centrepieces can be made on the cheap by using candles of varying sizes and securing them together with twines, leaves, and twigs. Retro lamps and table lamps, on the other hand, are fantastic for subtly optimising the event environment. Investment in up-lighting is another way to give your event a dramatic and memorable atmosphere. There is no easier way to alter the atmosphere of your banquet hall than by switching on some mood lighting as the sun goes down. Combine with lanterns for a beautiful method to guide guests from one location to another as night falls.

Themed chandeliers from fairytales

A chandelier of tiny, flashing fairy lights would be perfect for lighting up a golden stone barn. Weddings with this kind of statement lighting are as near to a fairy tale as they can get without really being a fairy tale.

Roofs drawn by the Stars 

One of our favourite options for wedding decor, especially during the colder months. Since your party can go on until the wee hours of the morning, it’s crucial that the location looks just as spectacular when illuminated by night as it does during the day.

Plan the Sphere of Colour

Make the ceiling a rainbow to highlight the spaciousness of the room. Gary and Nicole personalized Ufton Court with colourful decorations, such as a DIY background for the dessert table made of pompoms and hundreds of lanterns suspended from the high ceiling. The use of them in marquees is also highly recommended.

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