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Barcelona Day 3: Gaudi, Picasso and The Market

After our marathon flight and day in Barcelona allowed to sleep for a full 8-hours in a bed! That was definitely a nice change from the uncomfortable seats on the airplane but who am I to complain, I was in Barcelona. After having a quick breakfast of Jamon iberico Bocadillos, Spanish sandwiches, we took a… Read more

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Brazil Soccer Takes Over the World (But Mostly Spain)

Brazil soccer has taken the world by storm – the 2014 World Cup is fully upon us. Every now and then the vagabond in me gives way to the passionate sportsman, virtually all my travel ceases or directly corresponds to what’s happening on the pitch. Considering I’m already in Spain, what many consider the soccer… Read more

Day 1 Barcelona: Stranded in Miami

Well, I have been back from Barcelona for a little over a week but I haven’t had time to write about all of my experiences in Barcelona. So I figured that I would give myself some time to gather all of my memories and write them down properly. So I figured we would start with… Read more