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Sporting Events from Around the World

Now that the World Cup has finished up you may be craving more international sporting events to root for Team USA. Here are some international sporting events from around the world that you can catch in 2014. From more football games a rugby to races of both the seafaring and land varieties the world is… Read more

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Will the World Cup Inspire More Soccer Fans in the US?

For the past few weeks, the entire world has been on the edge of their seats watching some of the greatest players in the world gather together for the soccer World Cup. It might be obvious for some countries to enjoy the games this year (as these are the countries that have played and supported… Read more

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Brazil Soccer Takes Over the World (But Mostly Spain)

Brazil soccer has taken the world by storm – the 2014 World Cup is fully upon us. Every now and then the vagabond in me gives way to the passionate sportsman, virtually all my travel ceases or directly corresponds to what’s happening on the pitch. Considering I’m already in Spain, what many consider the soccer… Read more