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Sporting Events from Around the World

Now that the World Cup has finished up you may be craving more international sporting events to root for Team USA. Here are some international sporting events from around the world that you can catch in 2014. From more football games a rugby to races of both the seafaring and land varieties the world is… Read more

usa soccer schedule group of death

USA Soccer Schedule Group of Death Origins

The USA soccer schedule introduced one curious team to the masses, the ‘group of death’. It specifically refers to the amount of talent far outweighing the positions available to advance – there is little hope for some top talent by the very nature of competition. Group of death is a term that resonates among fans…. Read more

USA Soccer Team

USA Soccer Team Members Become National Heroes

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup has come to a close, teams from around the world will return home to their friends and families. Some players will return home with more glory than others, but no team will come home to a more astounding fan base than the USA soccer team. Although relatively new… Read more

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Assessing World Cup Winners in the Knock-Out Round

During the height of this soccer fever that has gripped the world, I think it’s more than appropriate I take some time out from the travel talk to discuss the World Cup winners. The knock-out round is set, and – gasp! – even USA made the cut this tourney! Let’s start with Dempsey and the… Read more