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shanghai stadium in china

Best Places to Catch a Soccer Game in Asia

When traveling abroad, it’s important to indulge in the local culture. Soccer/football is a culture that is widely-shared and sure to allow you to partake in foreign country activities while simultaneously providing a sense of comfort from home. That’s why we highly recommend catching a soccer game when traveling abroad. Particularly rich in glorious stadiums is… Read more

USA Mens Soccer

USA Mens Soccer Wins “Best Moment” ESPY Award 2014

Every year, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) holds an awards night to recognize individual athletes and teams for their accomplishments in sports-related performances over the course of one calendar year called the ESPY Awards. This star-studded event is always a great time to catch up on a year filled with incredible champions of… Read more

USA Soccer Team

USA Soccer Team Members Become National Heroes

Now that the 2014 FIFA World Cup has come to a close, teams from around the world will return home to their friends and families. Some players will return home with more glory than others, but no team will come home to a more astounding fan base than the USA soccer team. Although relatively new… Read more