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Bucharest: Eastern Europe’s Capital of Fun

Hidden in Eastern Europe amid the Carpathian Mountains, Bucharest is one of the classic “hidden gem” destinations worth paying attention to when planning your next vacation. From well-preserved architectural designs and captivating history to vibrant nightlife and one-of-a-kind cuisine, Bucharest is bound to offer you a unique travel experience for the memoirs. Book your next… Read more

Alternative to Smoking While Traveling

We all know the dangers of smoking and it’s one of the largest killers globally of course.   Vaping has been shrouded with questions for a long time, as although we realise that you can’t get too much worst than actual smoke, we still waited for some time for the all clear on e-liquids and the… Read more

5 Bucks Party Activities to Celebrate Your Weekend in Gold Coast

A bucks party is a longstanding tradition in Australia (and worldwide) where a group of male friends spend a night together before one of them gets married. These parties are intended to serve as a form of initiation or rite of passage that men undergo before entering into the married life. Gold Coast is an… Read more