Beach Holidays in Greece

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Greece, with its abundance of beautiful seas, constant sunshine, picturesque landscapes and unbeatable culture, makes for one of the very best getaway destinations in the entire world. From gorgeous groves to historic sites like the Parthenon, this is one locale where losing yourself is entirely warranted.

For my money, there’s really no topping spending those beach holidays along the thousands of miles of Greek coastline. Holidays to Greece are best spent lounging along the golden coasts or – for the more adventurous – exploring the 1,500 islands. With so much ground to cover, you’re sure to find something that perfectly suits your taste – no matter if you’re landlocked or sailing the shimmering blue seas.

One of the most popular beaches in all of Greece is Myrtos Beach, located just north-west of Kefalonia. This beach is so massively appealing to tourists and locals alike thanks to its dizzying colors found within the waters. Myrtos has been voted the most beautiful beach in Greece over a dozen times.

Of course, the cities surrounding the beach are equally amazing. Mykonos, another one of the most popular destinations for tourists, is a sensational attraction among the Greek islands. Like a city right out of a postcard, the sprawling white washed streets gives way to more sandy beaches and unparalleled nightlife. Greek people are known to burn the midnight oil.

There’s an endless array of activities available to all ages within Greece. Recreation enthusiasts will fall in love with the mountain biking trails and exotic scuba diving locations. Self-proclaimed ‘foodies’ will be smitten with the authentically Greek cuisine, charming eateries as far as the eye can see. Individuals looking to relax and soak in the culture will want to sample the local wine as the city streams with life around them.

Feeling extra touristy? There’s no shortage of amazing sites to take in when you’re on holiday in Greece. When you’re finally ready to leave the beautiful beaches behind, make sure to visit the Parthenon in Acropolis. One of the most famous Greece attractions, this temple was originally constructed in 447 BC!

Finally, there’s the Delphi Theatre, built as a sanctuary to Apollo within early Greek religion. Built upon a hill to give the 5,000 spectators perfect view, this historical site remains one of the premier destinations for tourists even today. History buffs will not want to miss the opportunity.

So when are you planning your first Greek beach holiday?

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