Best Apps and Games Sites for Travelling

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One of the biggest issues that affects all of us but is often overlooked when travelling is boredom. It sounds ridiculous, given the wealth of sights to see and food to try out there, but with all that moving around, there can be a lot of waiting time, whether it’s hotel check ins or airport delays.

If you’re lucky enough to have Wi-Fi where you are (and I would strongly recommend this, as data roaming charges can be astronomical!) then your mobile phone could just be the key to ending your boredom. Here are a few apps I would recommend to keep you sane on your travels.

Global Eater Food Dictionary

We’ve all been in that awkward situation where we’re trying to impress a significant other by ordering the most foreign-sounding item on the menu. This can often come back and bite us on the backside though if we’re awkwardly ordering a vindaloo. While you’re waiting in departures, take a look at the Global Eater Food Dictionary app, which provides definitions on cuisine from Europe, Asia and the Americas, helping you feel prepared.

Google Goggles

When you’re out and about exploring, you might just come across a sight you’ve never seen before. Preferable to carrying round a heavy travel guide, Google Goggles allows you to take a photo of a landmark or natural wonder, which will then load up a relevant Wikipedia article. No typing required – what could be easier?

Fortune Palace

With the wealth of online games out there, it can be hard to know where to begin when looking for something to pass the time. Thankfully, Fortune Palace provides a comprehensive list of the best online gaming sites, and it also gives users guides on how to play their favourite card games. With blogs, advice and links, it’s a great database for hours of gaming fun.

JetLag Genie

This one may not be as fun as the aforementioned apps, but it certainly is useful. Flying all over the world can be a nightmare for your sleeping pattern, so JetLag Genie creates a personalised sleeping timetable for you based on your travel dates, destinations and usual sleeping times. So when you jump on a plane and wake up in the middle of next week, you can get your head into gear.


What’s a holiday if you can’t document your memories? The iAlbum app gives you the chance to customise your photos, arrange them how you like and even add special effects to your favourite images. So even if it’s raining in Spain, you can fool your friends into thinking otherwise.

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