Farewell, Sweden :(

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Hur är det? I’m really excited to come home and see my dog and my family, but I’m also really sad, because I love it here, and it’s kind of starting to feel like home. I spent last night with my friends, we went out for drinks at Sticky Fingers here in Gothenburg and we had a nice breakfast of open-faced sandwiches and cereal. Everyone else ate knäckebröd with kalles caviar, which is like fish spread on a crunchy bread. I don’t eat fish, and it smelled really gross, so I don’t care.

I’m so happy I had this opportunity to be here, I learned a lot for my masters program at University of Gothenburg, and had some seriously good times here. It was really interesting to look at American from the outside for once, and have to learn other customs and such. I’m going to miss going shopping at Åhléns and vegetarian lunches at Hemköp. I really loved our weekends in Norrbyskär, it was really beautiful, and scenic–had some great times on the frosty beaches. Sweden is beautiful, I can’t wait to come back, now I just have to figure out how to get all my new clothing and pastries back to the US with me without paying a million extra dollars at the airport. Always bring clothes you can throw away after the trip, travelers!

I won’t miss the food prices, the pseudo-frost bite, or the expensive drinks but there is a lot to be said for this country which differs so greatly from America. I’m glad my first taste of Europe was this delightful though. I can’t wait to see the rest of this continent and return here in the future. I’m sure I’ll be cooking up all these weird Swedish recipes for my family once I get back and have a more diversified pallet.

I’d also like to thank Andrew again for letting me share my experiences, Farvä´l!