Finishing Up My Berlin Experience

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It has been an eye opening Berlin experience staying in here these past two months. Every time I move to a new city for longer than a couple weeks there is always a flurry of emotions. There is always that initial culture shock when you realize that you are living in this city all alone. I tend to get a little homesick during those first two weeks and I will wonder whether this is something that I really want to do with my life. As much fun as traveling the globe is there are some times where I wish I could have a permanent residence with friends that I can rely on every weekend. But after a few weeks of melancholy I will always fall in love with my surroundings both the good and the bad. In Berlin I have laughed with the locals and tasted some of the most interesting food I’ve had in a while. I’ve made friends, almost been mugged, and even had a week of debilitating food poisoning and it has all been worth it to experience the human condition in another land. The more cities I live in and the more people I meet I realize that we all have the same goals in life. To survive and be surrounded by the people that we love. Maybe I haven’t had any close friends out here but that will make it all the better when I return to Portland. As the old adage goes absence makes the heart grow ever fonder. To be perfectly honest I am excited to sit in a sports bar with my friends and drink some Bud Light while we watch game. It’s been a chilling experience and I hope that anybody out there can take my cue and find their own adventure. I wish I could thank all the strangers and friends of friends who have been so kind to me here.

Thank You


Berlin Experience

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