Hello, Stockholm!

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I really love it here at the University of Gothenburg, my communication classes have been a real joy so far, I’ve found that my teachers are all very warm and accepting. It feels way more connected than my American University classes I’ve had, you definitely call your professors by their first name most of the time. I really like their emphasis on real world applications, and their dedication to preparing us for our careers. I really like hands-on approaches and field research, it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something!

Yesterday we finally went to Stockholm and went to the art exhibits there at the Moderna Museet, which had a great collection of contemporary art. There was a lovely exhibit about Picasso and Duchamp about what art really is. Of course, this is a completely subjective matter, if you ask me, but I really liked the quotes and images. I think I’m gonna go with team Picasso on this one, the idea that “everything you can imagine is real” is something that has always struck a chord with me. 4881527-Moderna_museet_Stockholm

After the museum we went to the Royal Coin Cabinet which was full of coins, jewelry, and other gorgeous and ancient valuables. It’s located right across the bridge from the Moderna Museet, so you can really make a day of it!

I really want to come back when its warmer here so I can check out all the tours and gardens, but we were at least able to hang out with some of the locals and have some drinks at night. It was a good little retreat from all that school work. People here really know how to balance their social and professional lives, it’s really inspired me to make better use of my time.

Some of my classmates, freezing!

Some of my classmates, freezing!