Vaping While on Vacation

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About to head out on your summer vacation? There is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing on vaca while enjoying your vape. But before you pack up and hit the road, be prepared when traveling with your vaping supplies. Here are some helpful tips to vaping while on your vacation!


If you are going on a roadtrip, you can’t forget your vape or your charger! You always want to make sure to bring all of your vaping supplies in case you want to stop and take a puff. Remember to never leave batteries in a hot car and never store them in your trunk because they could overheat and get damaged. To prevent your juice from spilling, store it in a vertical and upright position. The change in air pressure while on the road could cause the juice to leak, so make sure to store it in a safe place to avoid a mess. Renting a car? Make sure you are aware of you their smoking and vaping policies.


Going on an airplane and flying to your destination? Always remember that you can never vape while on an airplane. But some airports do have designated smoking areas so that you can take a puff before you board your flight. Make sure to check out the airport in advanced so that you are prepared. TSA rules require that you put your batteries in your carry on. Your juice and charger can be in a checked-in bag, just remember that the chance in air pressure can cause leaks, so store smartly! Do your research when it comes to the full TSA rules so that you have a smooth experience at the airport with your vaping supplies.

Know about your destination

When it comes to vaping laws, different places have different laws. You should always know what to expect and do your research on the laws in the destination you are traveling to. Especially if you are considering International travel because some places like Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and more actually have laws where it is illegal to vape. This should also include the cities that you are traveling through while on a roadtrip. If you are traveling to a destination where vaping is legal and accepted, it is smart to bring your own supplies or at least find out where to get vaping supplies when you are there. You might not be able to always find what you are looking for, so as long as you are smart about traveling with your supplies, you should highly consider doing so. Not only do you want to be knowledgeable about vaping laws in the city you are traveling to, but also the hotel rules about vaping. Traveling to a warm and sunny place? Remember, never leave your batteries and juice in the sun and heat. You can still enjoy your vape while lounging in the sun, just make sure you have a shady and cool place to store it when not using it.