Will the World Cup Inspire More Soccer Fans in the US?

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For the past few weeks, the entire world has been on the edge of their seats watching some of the greatest players in the world gather together for the soccer World Cup. It might be obvious for some countries to enjoy the games this year (as these are the countries that have played and supported the sport for decades), but no one thought that the United States would be so enraptured with this year’s tournament. In fact, people from around the world have been knocking the US for not being “true” soccer fans. Well, that’s all about to change.

Despite the fact that the United States soccer team has been eliminated from the World Cup, it’s easy to see that this “soccer bug” has taken hold of almost everyone across the nation. Hundreds of people stood and watched the game in city streets, bars, and even movie theaters around the US. So, will the 2014 soccer World Cup inspire more soccer fans here in the United States?

The answer is pretty obvious: yes! With so many people continuing to watch the World Cup despite the US’ elimination it’s easy to see that soccer is on its way to becoming one of America’s favorite sports.

Though, this raises another question that should also be asked: how can the citizens of the United States continue to love soccer? Well, first off, everyone in the country should pick an American Major League Soccer (MLS) team to follow. People should rally behind a team — whether it be a local team or a neighboring state’s team — just like we do for our favorite football or basketball teams! This way, when the next soccer World Cup comes around, even more people will feel the need to support and cheer on our team.

Whether or not soccer really does take off in the United States, it has been excited to watch how so many new fans have emerged across the country. It is truly a special time for sport in America, and if things go well, soccer will be the next “football” in the states. Even President Obama made a call to the two biggest stars of the US team, telling them that the entire nation is now in love with their sport.

What’s your favorite part about watching the soccer World Cup? Who is your favorite team? Do you think Americans will continue watching the sport of soccer? Tell us on our Facebook page! 


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