5 Countries to Visit on Your Football Pilgrimage

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Football, soccer, whatever the sport may be called happens to be one of the most popular sports all over the world. Annual games where teams from all over the world play with each other are highly awaited and it is not surprising why football betting has a lot of fans, after all rooting for your favorite team and wagering on their victory makes the game more fun. For those who are interested in going on a trip that is perfect for football junkies and fans, here are some ideas on where to go. And if you are looking to be online, betting, and trying to win some extra money, check out case pariuri online to find the right bookmakers for you!

Japan. During the year 2002, Japan cohosted the World Cup making it a good place to drop by to get a feel of how the games were like. Aside from dropping by the football stadium that hosted the World Cup, you should also take the time to enjoy the culture and the traditions in the country. There are a lot of shrines and festivals which will surely make the trip worth it. Tokyo, the busy metropolis, boasts of a lot of modern stuff and there are ancient temples as well as awesome natural vistas such as Mt. Fuji. And, if you want to witness something surreal, time your visit during the cherry blossom season.

Mexico.  Traveling to the country is definitely a great idea especially for football fans and anybody who knows the history of the sport will remember that the country hosted the World Cup on 1970 and 1986. Today, you can still visit the one of the most popular destinations in the country especially Estadio Azteca. After remembering the colourful happenings of the past, there are so many places where you can drop by to make the most of your trip. Be sure to enjoy a ride on a flat boat known as trajinera that travels in the brightly coloured canals in Xochimilco Floating Gardens.  

Uruguay. Way back in the year 1930, the 1st World Cup was held in this country making it a definite stop when you are making a football pilgrimage. To rekindle the thrill during the first games, you should take a trip to Estadio Centenario, a stadium in Montevedio. After making that trip, you should make sure that to get a full meal as there are really cool places to eat in such s Mercado del Puerto. This restaurant hub is quite unique as it used to be a train station.

France. There are so many reasons to visit France and a lot of tourists include the country in their itinerary. The World Cup in the year 1998 which featured the Cup of Life by Ricky Martin surely made its mark in the football sphere as France grabbed the cup in the same year. After touring the stadiums, you can bask in the culture, fashion, and of course, the cuisine. While in France, sampling the wine, the dresses and the entertainments would be ideal and don’t miss the opportunity to sample the macrons and the croissants. The Eiffel Tower remains to be an attraction but it can also be a tourist trap.

Brazil. No one can deny that the Brazilians happen to be one of the craziest football fans and the celebratory atmosphere in the country during the football season is infectious. The year 1950 was quite a memorable year for Brazil as they were beaten by Uruguay in Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. The 2014  World Cup didn’t end up so good for the country too after their star player was unable to continue the game and they were badly beaten by Germany. Nevertheless, the country is home to attractive people and there’s samba dancing, caipirinha drinking and, of course, the irresistible beaches.

Football happens to be one of the most popular sports in the world and there are a lot of people who are looking forward to visiting the countries that hosted the World Cup. These destinations would surely be a good stop for those who are doing a football pilgrimage.

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