5 Tips for a Safe Summer Barbecue

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Barbecues are a quintessential part of summer. They bring together family and friends to enjoy food, fun, and each other. The last thing you want to happen is for someone you love to get sick or injured while at your barbeque.

Here are five tips for a safe summer barbeque.

1. Prepare the pool for fun


Before the event, have a rough estimate of how many guests you will have and how many are likely to swim. Make sure you have chairs, pool noodles, other toys, goggles, and towels. A swimming pool net is a great way to keep even your youngest guests safe while at the party. While it is essential to make sure there is plenty of adult supervision around the pool throughout the entire party, you can never be too careful. Relaxing in the pool and staying cool will help the time go by and make a hot, sunny day more comfortable for everyone.

2. Make sure the grill is in a safe place


You will want to set up the grill near the house to make it easy to get the food ready, but also away from the pool area, so young guests won’t be tempted to walk too close to the grill. You also want to make sure the grill is set up on a concrete, stone, or brick area to reduce the risk of accidental fires. It is also essential to ensure there is an adult at the grill the entire time to make sure no one bumps or falls into it. Accidents happen very quickly, so it is important to be overly cautious.

3. Keep yard toys and games away from the pool and grill areas


Kickball, volleyball, and softball are just some of the fun family games you can set up and enjoy at your barbeque. Corn hole and ladder ball are also popular favorites. It is vital to make sure the games are set up away from both the pool and the grill area to prevent injuries. Sports like volleyball make players so focused on the ball that they are not watching where they are running. This is particularly dangerous around pools and grills. Pool volleyball can be a fun alternative if your property is not large enough to offer a safe distance for a volleyball net.

4. Check ahead of time for any food allergies


Check with your guests ahead of time to see if anyone has food allergies you should be aware of before cooking. If you have invited someone with a food allergy, work with them to ensure the barbeque is safe and enjoyable for them as well as your other guests. While some food allergies present irritation or discomfort, others are life-threatening, so it is vital to know before preparing food for other people.

5. Be prepared for all weather


During the summer, you can anticipate hot and humid weather, so having sunscreen and shaded areas set up for your guests will be helpful. If there is a possibility of rain, setting up a tent may be beneficial. If it doesn’t rain, it will provide a shaded seating area, so it’ll still be worth the effort. While making your guests comfortable is essential, you also want to make sure you are looking and feeling good. You can be cool and casual in a ruana or poncho from Chico’s. If you’re planning for the barbecue to extend into the evening, make sure you layer with a poncho or light sweater. Even though you’re going through the trouble of planning, don’t forget to wear comfortable and chic clothing to your own party!

There is no reason you cannot throw a fun and safe summer barbeque that guests of all ages can enjoy. Knowing potential risks ahead of time will allow you to make adjustments and keep your guests safe.

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