Back in the States

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Is everyone out there for some domestic style traveling? I’m not entirely sure people associate visiting neighboring states with any kind of travel blog, but maybe it’s time to change that. It’s pretty easy to say, “I want to travel to Europe” — lot harder to actually accomplish — but I never hear people talking about traveling around the US in the same romantic context.

There’s plenty out there and I’m excited to showcase that to people. I’ve planned a trip out to Portland, Oregon. It’s something I don’t know would actually be possible for the time being if it wasn’t for my saving grace, Sarah. I just made contact with her and it turns out I have a place to stay straight away. How awesome is that?

I’ve started to make myself an itinerary of things to do in Portland. There’s more than a few things on my list that people have recommended to me since my last outing. Stay tuned for the details.

Traveling in America can actually be quite adventurous.


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