Betting on the 2014 World Cup Champions

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There is little understating the significance of the FIFA World Cup – the international tournament that rolls around every four years. From its humble beginnings in 1930, the World Cup is responsible for yielding the most sought after trophy in the world.

32 teams will enter but only one will realize the dream of a FIFA championship. Who has the best chances of hoisting the cup this July? Let’s assess the odds provided for the World Cup 2014 – Finalists Betting Odds from Will Hill bookies.

 The Main Contenders

Let’s start with the returning champions, Spain. There is no question that this football club touts some of the top talent in the world, but there are some pressing questions that must be answered. Some believe their already modest offensive output could very well be their undoing. Their odds have been placed at 6/1.

Although their last title was in 2002, it would be wrong to overlook the winningest team in World Cup history, Brazil. Given the honor of hosting the tournament this year, it’s not uncommon throughout FIFA history for tournament hosts to win it all – the last occurrence dating back to 1998 in France. Brazil has a lot of momentum but expectations will be high, but their performance is uncertain without a qualifying bid and star player Neymar playing in Barcelona. Their odds to win it are set at 3/1.

Argentina read like somewhat of a dark horse in 2014, but it would be a costly mistake for opponents to discount former champions. The biggest weapon in their arsenal, Messi already scored 10 goals throughout 14 games in qualifying matches – erasing criticism regarding his production on the international level. Analysts have Argentina slated to win the tournament outright at 5/1.

The Main Challengers

The always contentious Germany could return to form in 2014, thanks to experience and some of the youngest talent available. Despite their prowess for offense, their defense remains suspect – previous matches against Sweden revealed weaknesses in their backfield that need to be addressed. Their odds are set at 5/1.

Belgium made a lot of noise in the last World Cup, and we’re not talking vuvuzelas. Bringing an exciting blend of big league experience and fresh talent, players like Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany can provide an edge pending any injuries. Their odds are placed at 16/1.

Holland is another team on the upswing in 2014. After falling to Spain in the World Cup finals, the Netherlands still gained national acclaim for their incredible campaign. No longer flying under the radar, the club looks to rebound in a major way in the most recent tournament. The team’s odds are set at 25/1.

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