Cat Cafe in Osaka

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During my stint in Japan I wanted to seek out all the unique experiences I could cram into a week, experiences I could certainly not replicate back in the states. Today I took a journey to the Cats’ Time Cafe in Osaka for one of the most memorable portions of the trip.

What’s a Cat Cafe? In Japan, it’s mostly summed up as a tea or coffee house with an assortment of baked goods with one major exception – cats generally outnumber the people. And for a good cause. Some of the cats are actually up for adoption in different cat cafes.

It breaks down pretty easy. Spend about $10 US and you can spend an hour in the cafe. Cats’ Time Cafe works a bit differently – spend just under $20 and you get unlimited time with the cats and a beverage. Pretty sweet deal.

I didn’t have to wait too long to be admitted. The woman managing the cafe gave me some tips and also a few toys to solicit some of the adventure seeking kitties. Didn’t take long before I started making friends.

cat cafe aikoThis is Aiko. He’s probably one of the more precocious furry friends located within, but he took a shine to me after awhile. The manager even gave me some japanese cat treats to feed him. It was all I could do not to pack Aiko away with me.

It’s a really calming experience. It’s like being inside of someone’s house, kicking up your feet and finding the perfect spot to settle down and just relax.

Sometimes it’s important to remember to do that on vacation!

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