Cefalù, a Glimpse of Heaven Near Palermo

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Whether you are a traveler fascinated by the cities of art, a stranger eager to learn about different cultures or a photographer looking for a picturesque landscapes to portray, on the list of scheduled trips you can not miss Sicily.

When you think of a trip to Sicily, you can not help but think of the perfect mix of art, history and culture that for centuries has generated artworks envied by the whole world. Just as you can not help but think of the mountains overlooking the sea, lakes bordered by dense woods and green sceneries and absolutely unforgettable landscapes. Features that make Sicily a fascinating but unsual place. Features that also owns Cefalù, starting from its history and its architectural masterpieces, listed as Unesco Heritage.

Cefalù, is a beautiful medieval town in the province of Palermo, overlooking the north coast of Sicily. The intense and troubled history tells about conquests and settlements, from the fifth century BC with the construction of the city wall, and makes it one of the leading centers of art in the whole Country, as well as a popular seaside resort for tourists from all over the world.

What to see

Entering the village you can see the first medieval buildings, narrow streets made of pebbles and stones, to get to the historic center, where you can admire the Arab-Norman Cathedral and other churches built between Middle Ages and the eighteenth century.

The façade of the Cathedral is flanked by two massive towers, making it look like a fortress.

Inside, remarkable byzantine mosaics, especially those representing the Pantocrator Christ.

Just a few steps, the Lavatoio Medievale is a complex of wash basins reached by a staircase made of lava stone, dating back to the late renaissance.

Don’t forget to enjoy the dramatic backdrop of “La Rocca”: for the bravest, just take the steep path to reach the top of Cefalù, to admire the Temple of Diana, the old town and, of course, the most stunning landscape you have ever seen!

Cefalù in Summer

During the summer season, the town turns its face, becoming impressively crowded (population can even triple) and with a lively nightlife and youthful atmosphere.

Many tourists are divided between hotels, bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals, booked directly online through specialized travel portals such assicilyholidayfinder.com.

The best way to explore Cefalù is on foot, enjoying a stroll along the main course (Via Ruggero) or the Lungomare (Seaside promenade).

The beach is one of the most sought-after along the northern cost, with golden sand that stretches for miles. You can choose among lidos or public beach.

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