Exposing the Truth: 4 Things About Luggage Locks You Likely Didn’t Know Before

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If there is one scenario that is going to guarantee to spoil your trip is the discovery that your luggage has tampered or items have been stolen because the lock got broken into.

The purchase of a luggage lock might be an afterthought compared to choosing a suitcase you want to buy, but it shouldn’t be, as you want to be sure that your contents get the best protection.

Another issue might be the lock breaking and that might result in searching a site like https://www.txpremierlocksmith.com for some urgent assistance.

Here are some things you might not know about luggage locks, but should,

Is your lock TSA approved?

Airline security is a top priority for obvious reasons and that means that if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents want to access your luggage and examine the contents they have the authority to do this.

If they want to see what’s inside but can’t get into the lock they might cut the lock, meaning your luggage will be vulnerable from that point onward in your journey.

The TSA has approved a range of luggage locks that they are able to access with master keys, which enables them to unlock and lock your luggage with minimal disruption or damage.

If you want to protect the contents of your luggage and cooperate with airport security it can pay to search out a TSA approved luggage lock.

Want to know if your bags have been checked?

There is always the question of whether your bags have been opened by airport security without your knowledge and many of us would like to know if that is something that has happened.

If you are one of those people you can buy a luggage lock that comes with an integrated search indicator.

These luggage locks have a red dot indicator that pops out when the lock has been tampered with making it abundantly clear that someone has had a go at the lock or opened your case.

The combination is a one-time deal

If you buy a TSA approved lock it will come with a password combination and you need to remember it or keep the details in a secure place.

The reason for this is that you cannot reset the password for security reasons and if you forget the combination the only solution is to buy a new lock.

Which is the most secure option?

You might be wondering which is the most secure type of lock to use but the simple truth is that a combination or key system has equal merits and neither system can be classed as better or more secure than the other.

It is down to personal preference, so if you prefer a combination lock or the idea of a key system is more appealing you won’t be compromising the security of your luggage by choosing one over the other.

Of course, you can also get locks that feature a key and a combination, but the main thing is to think a bit more carefully about your choice of luggage lock when you think about the value of the contents you are asking it to protect.