Famous Swedish Movies

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I’m sick, so I decided to watch some famous Swedish movies today in my apartment, I have already seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies so I wanted something new, so here is my mini-review of everything I watched:

1. The Seventh Seal. Wow, this movie was POWERFUL, Ingmar Bergman seems like a really awesome director. This movie was eerie, and relevant even though it’s old and in black and white. What a thinking man’s movie! I had some pretty existential dilemmas after I watched this one. I’d like to see more by him, I have a soft spot in my heart for Criterion films.


2. Let the Right One In. I absolutely LOVED this movie, it was so cute! I don’t even want to see the American version, because it doesn’t get much better than this film! Little Oskar finds a girl he likes and she turns out to be a vampire, it’s so adorable–kinda morbid, but mostly adorable.


3. Evil. Oh wow, what a testosterone-filled ride! Super violent and gory, but really awesome and intense! If you like a movie about the underdog, than this one is for you, just be prepared for some brutal scenes, the Swedish don’t mess around with film! This is one of the lesser known famous Swedish movies, but definitely a must see.


On another note, I rented Elling, but I soon realized that it is Norwegian, not Swedish! But I still really enjoyed that film, it has to do with two men, one being mentally challenged. It’s super funny, and it’s still on point with that Scandinavian sense of humor!


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