Favignana: a Kind of Sicilian Magic

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Favignana is one of the best place you could ever dream for your holidays. It is so cheerful and people have a natural and spontaneous friendly attitude to the tourists.

It belongs to the Egadi Islands, well connected with Trapani by frequent ferries.

Although it has nothing to envy to islands like Capri or Ischia, it is far different, since here you will not see rich villas and ths showy, it is not the typical “chic island for vips”. Here you can experience the authentic sicilian way of life: warmth, simplicity, of course leisure and great food!
Even prices are not so expensive, and there are many possibilities for a self catering vacation looking for holiday homes by owner on tourism portals like Sicily Holiday Finder.

Its shaped is compared to a butterfly, and that gives even more charm and magic to the island.

The centre of the town is a pedestrian area, to enjoy a walk along the street, to cast a glance to the typical houses, to the smiling faces of inhabitants, from those who sunbathe right by the house door and those who are at work, mainly fishermen or craftsmen.

It seems that the time passes more slowly here: children don’t play with smartphones, and prefer passing the time on their bicycles, adults love chatting outside cafes about football, about political issues, gesticulating the typical sicilian way! A Lovely way, I’d say…

Probably one of the most important activities here is Tuna fishing. The business was ran by the Florio Family during the nineteenth century, who built a tuna fishery. And Favignana is one of the very few places where it is still possible to se a traditional “tonnara”, still working.

The “Mattanza” is a very bloody ritual, but it is a tradition. The fishermen entrap tunas in the “chamber of death” where fishes are bludgeoned to death.

What to do

Firstly, eat fresh fish! You can choose among many restaurants, but the best way is to buy it by the fishermen who use to sell it right on the back of ape trucks, and prepare it home, grilled with a mixture of oil, garlic, lemon and origanum.

Then you cannot miss a tour by boat along its coastline. There are many ways to join a boat excursion, asking your hotel or the boatmen around the harbour.

For very sea lovers, there are many possibilities for scuba diving and snorkeling: you will be absolutely charmed by the cleanliness of the sea, exploring marine reserves or joining a fisherman on a fishing trip, called here “pescaturismo”.

Cala Rossa is probably the most sought-after beach in Favignana, but it is not so easy to access as it is quite rocky.

A wider sandy beach, much more easy to access, is Lido Burrone: if you’re looking for relax and beach facilities such as sun beds and beach ombrella, that’s the right spot!

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