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Are you looking to reinvigorate that feeling of youth and modern lifestyle within your current household? Dubai holds many residential architectural masterpieces which uphold the city’s high professional standards of luxurious living. Communities such as Meraas Bluewaters Residences are looking to create the perfect residential environment in line with today’s benchmark of unique and glamorous living space. Upon understanding the year’s current interior designing trends, we will look at some key aspects that are fast becoming the norm for the year ahead.

Dark coloured surfaces and deep toned palettes have been making a comeback. Interior furnishings playing around with deeper colour saturation such as Maroon or Deep Green makes for a more subtle but authoritative environment within the household. City walk apartments Dubai and Arabian Ranches Dubai are the perfect examples. These colours also major in promoting a calming and peaceful ambiance, in return providing a suitable environment for social and private interactions. The upcoming Arabian Ranches by Emaar provides the ideal environment suiting your household, for features like these.

Multi-purpose furniture and items are also in demand, this year. With the booming of  millennials in this fast and competitive technological era, people tend to look at what is chic, simple and convenient to use as part of the allure for interior furnishings. Sofa beds being interchangeable on the fly as well as the need of multi-use tables for dining and work are examples of the current furnishing items that are popular and trending.

Wallpapers are also being improvised upon, in keeping up with times. Previously, coloured wallpapers and stock images tend to be the ideal wall-lining to provide a feeling of joy and happiness throughout the house. However, the mentality of the current people has ‘matured’ in a sense that nowadays, people are going adventurous with their choices for abstract paintings and experimental colour choices encompassing the interior.

When it comes to mattress vs tiles, people are now looking towards more use of mix-and-matching tile choices in comparison to posh and luxurious Persian mattresses. Mattresses and rugs are still being used but only to accommodate the nature of the colour ambiance of the residence as well as the usual comfort for a laid-back session. Nowadays, tiles are being utilized more for the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and even in individual bedrooms! The aforementioned Arabian Ranches by Emaar is focusing on these types of compositions around its contemporary living space.

With all these in mind, you are now primed to enter 2019 with a view of improving your current interior household to keep up with the trend! As others might say, the house of an individual closely identifies the type of person that the house belongs to. We wouldn’t want people to keep associating us as old-school and behind the times, right?