Last Day, Keep Portland Weird

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Can’t believe it’s my last day in Portland! Just got off the phone with Sarah and thanked her again for the time she showed me out here. I don’t get to see her too often but I swear, there’s few people I can honestly say distance is never an issue between us. Turns out she may be traveling out to my side of the country sometime later in the summer!

So what have I learned about Portland in my relatively short time being here? The place has a reputation for being unique and completely lives up to it, for better or worse. While I honestly think there’s something here for everyone, big city or small town individual, it’s the type of place you fall in love with the longer you stay. Every day presents something new; from the people to the environment. I will sorely miss being out here almost immediately!

The type of culture out here sort of reminds me like a more sleepy version of New Orleans, everyone out here is just so awesome. I think I personally gravitate to areas like this, where the personality types are just entirely magnetic. Already has me itching to head to the gulf coast again soon!

My flight is in just a few hours, going to try and doze off for the interim. Tomorrow is right back to travel plans, coordinating the very next outing.

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