How to File a Claim on Auto Insurance

If your car is involved in an accident, you can make a car insurance claim. This page contains all the basic information you need to know before submitting a claim and how you can improve your chances of getting your claim approved and paid. What is an insurance claim? When submitting an insurance claim, you… Read more

10 Best Vacation Spots for this Valentines Day in the USA

‘’…blessed are curious for they shall have adventures…’’ It’s a well-known fact that travel compatibility is significant in a relationship. Furthermore, the more you travel with your accomplice, the more you find out about one another. Going with somebody you love is a chance to encounter new places and societies together, yet to see sides… Read more

Cancun romantic getaway planning? Here’s 5 tips for you

I had asked my girlfriend’s bestie for suggestions for a birthday surprise and she did NOT hesitate with her answer: “A Cancun romantic getaway!” Apparently she’d been dropping hints but like most men, I just wasn’t getting them. The postcard on the fridge, the travel magazine open to an article on romance in Cancun, the… Read more