Six Amazing Websites to Access During Summer

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Summer’s here! It’s already sweltering hot out there! As the heat wave begins to hit the country slowly, people prefer to stay indoors firing their ACs!  How long are we going to sit idly confined in our rooms with nothing to do? So, to beat the boredom during this summer, we have a list of websites that will keep you occupied. No, it’s not just Netflix or Youtube or any other subscription-based video service. What we have given here are some of the severely underrated websites which will serve as an enjoyable pastime and will also serve as an excellent source of knowledge. 

Nothing will kill time better than the finely curated websites on this list. Say goodbye to boredom, say hello to these excellent websites that are going to keep you occupied. A note of forewarning, these websites are incredibly addictive, and we are giving you these hacks mindful of the fact that you’re smart enough not to abuse them. Be careful not to get sucked into this whirlwind of entertainment and excitement.

1.    HowStuffWorks?

HowStuffWorks is an excellent source of knowledge explaining every topic under the sun in layman’s terms. HowStuffWorks cover a broad range of subject matter such as history, culture, automobiles, politics, money, science, and even entertainment. It contains easily understandable explanations of how things work, from a safety pin to even satellites. 

2.    Sporcle

Sporcle has thousands of quizzes on different topics that have been accessed over a billion times. You can look up these quizzes by category and can also search using keywords in the search box.

3.    Online Poker 

Online Poker is the most preferred form of entertainment these days. Isn’t it wonderful to be entertained also getting an opportunity to earn? Because of this exciting proposition, so many people have jumped into the Poker Online India bandwagon. There are so many Poker Mobile apps that are available for free. All the users need is a smartphone with minimal features and a stable internet connection to access these games. Poker players can access both Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha poker games online with these apps. 

4.    Reddit

Reddit is an American social news aggregation and discussion website that is incredibly popular among news enthusiasts. Registered members can submit content which is organized as sub reddit based on the category of the material. And the viewers can discuss the topic, and they also have an option to upvote and downvote the opinions. 

5.    Project Gutenberg

If you are someone who prefers reading content online, then Project Gutenberg is for you. Gutenberg offers over 58000 ebooks across different categories. You can either read online or download them free of cost. You don’t even have to register to access these ebooks.

6.    Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an American website focused on millennials. The site carries tons of facts on history, science, pop culture and technology. The USP of Mental Floss is its humorous tone. Also, there is a wide range of quizzes, brainteasers, and puzzles available in the site to keep you on the hooks.