Summer Holiday at the Beach [Infographic]

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Apparently, we’re all going on a summer holiday this year – and it’s in the UK. According to a survey by Away Resorts, who operate new forest glamping at Sandy Balls, over one third of Brits plan to take their main break in the UK this year. With 44% saying they will be staying near the beach – no surprise there then, judging by our weather lately!

Interestingly, 55% said they’ll be taking their main holiday at a caravan or lodge park, suggesting that the holiday village is seeing a resurgence. Holiday parks were picked as their go-to destination by the 34 – 45 and 44 – 54 age groups the most, suggesting that this type of accommodation is most popular with families. And why wouldn’t it be? With onsite activities for children, adult entertainment in the evenings and restaurants within easy reach, it makes it much easier for families to organise their time and enjoy their breaks in this type of setting.

In fact, holiday parks aren’t just being picked for their convenience, they’re also being chosen due to the accommodation on offer, as the majority of those surveyed said they picked their main holiday due to two main things: the locality and the accommodation. Holiday parks have been reinventing themselves recently, with many offering luxurious and stylish caravans as well as beautiful scandi-style lodges.

What’s more, consumers are willing to pay that bit extra for the luxurious accommodation at holiday villages, with 32% saying they will pay between £250 – £500 per person, excluding spending money. This compares equally to the average cost of a four person family abroad, suggesting that Brits are choosing the UK over warmer climes.

Take a look at the infographic below for more of the survey data.