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Touring Rogue Brewery in Portland, OR

Woke up this morning and had breakfast on the porch. Sun was shining and plenty of people out walking their adorable dogs – this city is definitely very dog friendly. Practically every person who walked past me outside waved and offered a cheerful hello, that’s something I’m not entirely accustom to. Sarah surprised me and told… Read more

Biking in Portland > Cars

Different change of pace today! Sarah took me on an awesome bike ride through the city. There is nothing more freeing than biking in Portland. Portland is easily the only place I’ve traveled in the US with roads entirely designated to bikes. You can see how firmly engrained the bike culture is in this sprawling…

Voodoo Donuts, Sinful Eating

Voodoo Donuts is a great example of Portland in a nutshell. It’s equal parts splendorous and quirky. The traditional donut shop gets a modern twist here, classic donuts like the maple bar get some serious flair with the addition of bacon. Suppose it’s worth mentioning, Voodoo Donuts is not for the faint of heart! There’s… Read more

Landed at Portland Airport, Things Are Green

You know when you’re landing at Portland Airport. If you’re privy to a window seat, virtually everything below you is lusciously green. Portland is the mecca of weird to many, a hyper-fashion community of bicycle riders and advocates for plaid shirts. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in all of America. Even the… Read more