Taking Your Luxury Watch on Vacation

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You can’t go on your travels without sporting your luxury watch, especially your Rolex.  It can be difficult to travel with some of your watches in fear of losing or damaging it, but traveling luxury watches are an option so you can travel with your watch stress free.

Packing Your Watch

It depends on if you are driving or flying when it comes to how you want to pack your watch. But it is always important to pack it carefully. You might feel uncomfortable wearing your watch while driving across country. If you decide to pack, make sure it is in a nice case to keep it from getting broken. Also, remember where you are keeping it as you want to keep it in a safe place where it won’t get stolen if you need to leave it in the car to make a quick stop to the restroom or to get gas. Never keep it visible in your car when leaving it unattended. If you are flying, you might not want to wear your watch since you will have to take it off when going through security, and that could make it easier to either damage, lose or get stolen. I would recommend keeping your watch safe in your carry on so that it is with you at all times. It isn’t a good idea to leave luxury items in luggage that you are checking in, unless you have a sturdy lock.

Wearing Your Watch on Vacation

When you are at your destination, you want to be careful with your luxury watch as well. Be smart where you wear your watch as you never want it to get damaged. If you need to wear your Rolex while on vacation, make sure that you are wearing it to places like a nice dinner or a night out on the town and not to places like the beach. If you decide to leave your watch in your room, you might want to keep it in a safe or hide it, to avoid getting your watch stolen or lost.


Since you own a luxury watch, you want to keep it that. When traveling, make sure to bring your cleaning kit. You never want to use products on your watch that is not approved as it could cause damage. It also might be hard to find the right products to use on your watch to clean or to fix if there is an issue. Always come prepared when traveling with your luxury watch!