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When you plan a trip or an expedition to the mountain, this is a tool that will be fundamental to you. In order not to go astray, you will have at your disposal all the necessary maps and fonts, and thus live a good experience in your adventure.

In this article, I leave you a list with the best GPS for hiking so you can have all the necessary information.


The first GPS that I show you is one of the most sought after by hikers. It is designed with an optimized 2.2-inch screen, more than sixty thousand colors and a very sophisticated anti-reflective technology.

When you walk in the mountains for very hostile and rustic places, you should not worry about their care. Its manufacture allows it to be suitable for those situations.

It is a strong product, thanks to its housing as it resists dust, rain, dirt and moisture.  Its size is perfect with dimensions of 5.4 x 10.3 x 3.3 cm.

In addition, it weighs only 141 grams, which will not even feel it when loading. This design is included, for your first adventures, the Garmin TopoActive map of Western Europe.


It is made with elements that make it highly waterproof.

You can use a car holder with City Navigator NT maps.

It has 2D and 3D maps.

It will allow you to organize and plan your trip in advance.


It works with two AA batteries. What you should foresee if you need to carry a replacement.


If you dream of going on a trip or climbing the mountain, this model is the right companion for your adventure. This is due to its GPS and GLONASS satellites , with which you can acquire your current position at the time you need it.

To start, a world-based map is included. And you can see it on its 2.2 inch monochrome screen, very easy to read under any lighting thanks to being transflective.

This unit supports GPX files so you can download geocaches and do not have to enter your coordinates manually. Thanks to this utility, you can store the information you think is necessary, your location, the terrain, its difficulty and much more.


It includes a USB cable and a user manual so you learn to use it perfectly.

It is resistant and waterproof

It comes in a variety of colors, you can choose the one that best suits you.


You may find some restrictions regarding trying to download routes or maps of hiking applications.


Are you one of the people who like the most sophisticated and most functional models? The next unit is ideal for you. One of its main features are its barometric altimeter and its electronic compass that allows you to know the address of your destination.

When you feel like going for a walk, but you also have to work, this model gives you a good solution. Thanks to its compatibility with your Smartphone, you can receive all notifications, messages and emails. So, you will not miss anything.

Its screen is 160 x 240 pixels with 2.6 inches. So you can store alternative maps and routes, it has an internal memory of 8 GB. But you should know that maps of Europe are also preinstalled for your first adventures.


It includes a support for cycling

Information about hunting and fishing, solar and lunar calendar and much more.


It has no power sensors.

Cold days may fail your screen lock.


When you go out to the mountain with friends or your family, a GPS is a very important point for safety on long roads. Punctually, this model will be of great help thanks to its fast and precise navigation, via GPS and GLONASS.

The most innovative thing about this product is that it includes a rechargeable battery pack, with a range of 22 hours. Enough time to get to your next point and load it to stay informed of the path.

It has a touch screen and a base map that includes Track Manager is installed. By which you will know your current position and, in this way, it will be easier for you to control the recording of your route.


It includes bluetooth and camera.

220 charger.


To be able to load and use it at the same time you must have a specific support.


If you go hiking, you will need to have a GPS that suits the activity and is comfortable. This model is ideal for that moment, since it is designed to be carried in your hand without the need for space or that your weight bothers you.

It has all the basic applications, just like all other GPS. However, it has differences that stand out. It has a heart rate monitor, bluetooth, camera and a 4-inch touch screen to facilitate your functionality.

You will also find it convenient to place it in your pocket due to its sophisticated size of 7.5 x 3.6 x 14.4 cm. And you will not feel it when you load it because the materials that were used for its manufacture, give it a total weight of 290 grams.


Includes AC adapter and USB cable.

It has a screen of 272 x 480 pixels.


They do not include batteries, so you will have to have on your own to use it.

I believe that you already have the necessary knowledge to choose your model and have this sophisticated tool that will change your adventures and trips.

Now, go for the GPS that best suits your claims!