The best road trips in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

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There is a very good chance you have heard of the Costa del Sol. It is one of the top holiday destinations for Europeans and the rest of the world alike. A place where you can experience Spanish culture, take in some amazing sights, and enjoy tapas and sangria by the Mediterranean on a hot summer’s night. 

You have probably also heard of Malaga, the major airport there delivers thousands of travellers to the sunshine coast but did you know the city itself is also one of the most amazing places to visit. Your best bet is to book Malaga airport car hire, and get exploring. There are some unbelievable places to see all under a couple of hours. 

Explore the city of Malaga for history and culture

Even if you are not staying in the city, do not let it pass you by as just the place where the airport is. It is so much more than that. 

Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain and is around 2,800 years old, having been founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC and seeing Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabic and Christian empires rise and fall. It is no wonder it is described as an open museum, these influences can be seen in the very walls and structures around you. 

You should certainly try to make time to climb the hill to the castle. The structure itself is fantastic and the views quite something to behold. 

Of course, being on the coast, it also has 15 beautiful beaches to choose from and some great fresh seafood and southern Spain classic gastronomy for your tapas fix. Malaga has some excellent restaurants and chefs catering for every taste and budget. 

And for art lovers, this is the birthplace of Picasso and there is a museum dedicated to his work as well as any number of galleries and workshops where you can find some really unique pieces for your home. 

Get in a round of golf in some amazing settings

You will definitely need a decent hire car if you are bringing your clubs with you, but even if you do not you can always get in a few rounds by hiring the equipment. 

The Costa del Sol is home to some of the best golf courses in the world, catering for both amateurs and professionals alike. Some of the top golf course designers have designed course here and many have been played on by some of the greats. 

Not to mention of course the views. With mountains on one side and the coast on the other you might find yourself a little distracted from your game with all that beauty around you. There are many courses to choose from, you can even make a tour of it. 

Explore the natural wonders of Andalucia

For scenery Andalucia is simply gorgeous. The mountain ranges are sparsely populated and beautiful, with plenty of features and wildlife. 

Around 1.5 hours drive from Malaga is Ronda. The trip itself is beautiful enough, but once you arrive you will see a town split in two by a river, connected with a 100m high bridge. This is a place steeped in history, in particular the old Moorish Quarter. 

If you do not fancy heights, then perhaps the caves at Nerja are more for you. A great way to escape the summer heat underground, and see the spectacular cave formations and rock art from our prehistoric ancestors. 

The lovely thing about Nerja, is after your cave visit the fishing village itself is also well worth a visit, with its whitewashed houses and cobbled streets you should definitely try a little rustic seafood here by the sea and wait for the sun to go down before heading home.