The Travel Planner in the Palm of Your Hand

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Is it a map? Maybe it’s a compass? No! A smartphone or tablet is now the travel planner’s must-have gadget when it comes to taking a trip, eating out or finding entertainment. With the growth in the number of hi-tech apps being developed, planning a vacation or a day out has never been easier or more convenient.

Mobile devices can access the worldwide web even when Wi-Fi isn’t available thanks to GPS. This means all the internet functions of a laptop or desktop computer are available via smaller handheld devices. Add to this the many new apps now in production and the new updates being issued almost daily and cells and tablets are empowering keen travelers to make plans while on the move.


A great little app for travelers who want to know what the weather is like at their destination, WeatherPro gathers information for more than two million geographical locations, assembling data on cloud formations, atmospheric pressure humidity and wind speed. A very precise and uncannily accurate app it pays to take heed and pack a bag accordingly. Available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

JetLag Genie

While it’s not possible (yet) to download an app that will instantly remove jetlag, it is possible to prepare for a trip beforehand by altering sleeping patterns and this app does just that. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch, simply program in destination and travel dates, then add typical sleeping times and this app will respond by creating come back with personalized alarm clocks to help users gradually alter their sleeping times before they leave, making it much easier to adjust on arrival.

XE Currency

No need to pay out for an expensive currency conversion app – this free app is efficient, easy to use and supremely accurate. It uses live currency rates and is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone. More than 20 million downloads worldwide suggests it’s among the best there is, so if taking a trip to a foreign country, make sure it’s on board.


There are several apps that help travelers connect to and book rooms in hotels – luxury as well as budget varieties. Hostelworld gives users access to more than 35,000 properties in 180 countries as well as user reviews, which is useful when searching for decent budget accommodations in hostels, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. It can also provide last minute availability information and results based on location. Available for iPhone and Android.

ABC Tickets

Forgotten to book those tickets for Bruce Springsteen before setting off? All is not lost as the mobile ticket app allows users to purchase tickets from an iPhone or Android phone, even for those hard to find events and sold out shows. Events include major league sports, concerts, theater shows and national tournaments.


A free app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, this beauty focuses on specific dishes – a rare attribute in a restaurant finder. There are user-generated recommendations from the local area, which means it’s easy to find that perfect pizza or the best burger in town.

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