Tips for a Memorable RV Road Trip

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Taking a recreational vehicle (RV) on a road trip can provide you and your family with some amazing memories. However, you’ll want to make sure that you have some peace of mind before embarking on your trip.

Whether that means getting an extended warranty to prevent you from being saddled with any mechanical failure or finding a new mobile app that will help you take some stunning photos, it’s always a good idea to check, double-check, and then triple-check that you’re ready for the road. Before you start your engines, here’s what you need to know.

Say no to a breakdown.

There are no two ways about it: RV repairs are costly. Even if you have an existing service contract for your camper or RV, it may not provide as much coverage as a warranty. Often, an RV warranty outpaces a vehicle service contract in terms of RV repairs and provisions. Plus, a general service contract may limit you to a specific repair facility for your camper.

One great option is to look into warranty covers from warranty companies or even an RV extended warranty. Especially if you’re driving across the United States, you want a service plan that won’t limit you to a specific repair facility. Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit, either.

Some warranty plans are better than others. Think of what you’ll need from your service plan and shop for wholesale warranties to match your needs. Your RV warranty should be of high quality and work for you, not the other way around. Choose a warranty that lets you pick a service center, offers roadside assistance, replaces mechanical components, and isn’t an exclusionary policy like a manufacturer’s warranty or dealership warranty. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

Be the best photographer you can.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take the best photos of your RV trip. However, you do need to use some of the tools a photographer would capture some prime photos. Are you tired of the limits on your Google Drive or Google Photos? Tried Amazon Photos but didn’t find it satisfying? What about iPhone photos that sometimes struggle to maintain the original quality of video files?

Chances are you’ll be taking a lot of photographs on your RV trip. Instead of choosing something like an iCloud account with 5GB of free storage, why not opt for unlimited photo storage? Photo storage services like ibi offer free photo storage so you can take as many prime photos as you want without losing access to any of them down the road. ibi makes it easier to find the right folder, upload video files, and transfer content to an external hard drive. You can even set up a family vault on their premium social network that keeps your content more private than third-party free accounts. It’s the best way to capture all the special memories of your RV road trip without sacrificing quality.

Pick unconventional stops.

If you’re looking for a great way to see as much of the United States as you can, you may want to avoid some of the more popular tourist traps. The best way to do so is to pick some underrated gems. Instead of Yellowstone Park, visit Chimney Rock in Nebraska. Instead of going to a major food city, find some local eateries just off the beaten path. You never know what you might find if you simply do a bit of looking.

An RV trip can be a great way to connect with your family and explore the country. If you’re an RV owner, make sure you have an extended RV warranty, a photography plan with cloud service and unlimited uploads, and that you’re always on the lookout for a new great place to stop. Who knows? You just may want to live in your RV after your trip.

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