Tips When Traveling To Barcelona

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If you are looking for a gorgeous city to visit in the heart of Spain, Barcelona is your go to place. It is known for the fabulous architect and art displayed around the city and is home to great weather year round. Before you go on your trip, make sure you are planning ahead and know the best place to visit when in Barcelona!

Barcelona’s Weather

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, which means it will have mild winters and warm summers. You will see some rainy days during the autumn and spring months, with the wettest months being in September and October. During these months, the city can see up to 3 inches of rain. On average, Barcelona has about 78 days of rain. January is known as the coldest month in the city with high temperatures around 58 degrees and lows in the lower 50s. August is the warmest month with high is the mid 80s and lows in the upper 70s. Since sunshine and mild temperatures are common in Barcelona, any time of year is actually a great time to visit!

Things to Do During the Day in Barcelona

When it is tile to adventure out during the day, there is plenty to explore across the city of Barcelona. You first stop should be aquarium. It is a must stop when visiting the city. Located in a harbor, it is home to 35 aquariums with over 11,000 animals. The great thing about this aquarium is it is open early so you can start your day here! You will be able to view a hundreds of different fish along with eels, seahorses and sharks. The aquarium even offers the chance to cage dive with sharks.

Of course, there are tons of buildings you will want to visit in Barcelona to really experience the architect the city offers. But one that should be at the top of your list is Casa Mila. This building was completed back in 1912 and is an apartment building that is known for its stylish furnishings. This place is a spot where you will be able to admire the beauty on the inside and the outside.

To really enjoy the sunshine of Barcelona, visit the beaches, which includes a boardwalk that stretches for miles. There are some beaches that are going to be more busy than others, but all of the beaches in Barcelona have golden sand with gorgeous waters along with trendy boutiques and bars nearby.

Exploring Barcelona at Night

After exploring the city during the sunny days, explore the great nightlife of Barcelona! To start out the night, enjoy a game at Camp Nou, a 99,000 seater stadium known to host exciting sporting events like football. Plus, there is a cool museum and shop to score some lasting memorabilia.

After catching a game, enjoy the stunning Magic Fountain. The water feature in the center of some incredible museums and views of the city displays a light and music show every 30 minutes. It is best to view under the stars during a calm and cool evening stroll through the city.

If you are looking for a bite a to eat, Barcelona is home to some tasty restaurants. From dive bars to elegant spots, you will be able to dine at restaurants with top chefs and wine lists galore. Barcelona is also home to some great clubs and bars to end your night. You can enjoy cocktails while dancing with locals and other tourists.

Travel Smart

Don’t forget, whenever you are traveling, especially internationally, always travel smart and bring all of the travel documents you need which includes your driver’s license, passport and itinerary. Make sure to plan ahead and travel to Barcelona with Voyage Privé for the best deals!