Top 5 Smart Home Products of Walmart

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Have you ever wondered what is a smart home? Let me tell you in simple words, it is a residence which is equipped with an ample number of smart devices that performs everything automatically. Some of these devices are controlled by mobile devices or voice commands. Basically, these smart devices make the human way much easier and help them to get their task without making efforts. I know by having these glimpses of smart home devices. You must be curious about “where I can get such equipment and what will be the cost?”. Well, keep calm I am telling you about the same. Walmart is one stop destination for getting these devices at discount rates. Walmart’s Black Friday sale makes you enjoy unbelievable discount and deals on these smart products. Also, for your convenience here I have listed the top five smart home devices available at Walmart. Please have a quick glance of it:

  1. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener- $79.99

Now, you have the chance to open and close your garage only from anywhere via your smartphone with MyQ smart garage door opener. Only you need to have a wifi compatible mobile device. This smart device is equipped with easy to add existing garage door openers. There is an additional advantage for the busy one who comes and goes from the house through the garage as they can set up easy alerts and notifications regarding the opening and closing of the door. The features that you will receive with this smart home product are opening, closing and receiving door status alerts. You can buy this smart garage door opener from Walmart Black Friday sale at $79.99 only. Besides this, you can also link your MyQ account to Google assistant and it will charge you only $1 or $10 if you take an annual subscription.

  1. Google home mini(chalk)- $49

Give your hands some free time with Google home mini. This smart device will make you make enjoy your music and entertainment at your one command. All you need to do is to start the device by just saying “Hey Google” and then ask to complete your wish. Google home mini works can easily manage your day to day task by giving you the power to use google anywhere from your house. You purchase it from Walmart at $49 only. Here is the list of works which you can manage with this smart home device:

  • Via your voice, you can easily get the information about news, sports, weather and more
  • You can manage your day by taking help with things like commute, travel information, schedule, commute and more
  • You have the flexibility to play, pause, and rewind your favorite music, movies, and shows hands-free
  • Utilize your voice to control your compatible lights, thermostats and more. This device is ready to work with 1,000 smart devices from more than 150 popular devices.
  • Even this device can be used by the whole family by just managing Family link. This means you can send a message to other Google home devices available around the house.
  1. Mini Wifi Camera, AGPtek 720HD Home Wifi Wireless camera- $29.93

Mini Wifi IP camera serves the whole purpose of providing security to the home. With the installation of this wifi compatible surveillance camera, you can easily have an eye on room, baby, toddler or pet from anywhere and at any time without making many efforts. All you need to do is to download the iSmartViewPro app in your mobile device and you’re ready to have live glimpses of your home when you’re outside the home. And this is the best reason, to say bid adieu to your traditional complex setup process that needs to have a degree of computer engineering. Anyone can easily operate this security system with the sonic recognition by using a mobile device which have wifi compatibility and though you’re ready to watch instant live videos. In the package you will receive the following items:

  • Power adapter
  • Mini IP camera
  • Quick installation guide
  • Set of mounting screws
  1. Roku Express + HD- $35

Have you ever think of getting entertainment over $65 for free? You might have to do some cable compare, but there is another way. Yes, well now you can get the same by buying a new Roku Player or Roku TV. So, upgrade your conventional TV set by spending $35 on Roku Express +. It is best to experience smooth HD visuals on a big-screen TV. Use this device to view more than 5 lakh movie and 1000 + TV shows including blockbusters, award-winning, live network etc. for free. And, the foremost thing about this smart device is it is easy to get started by just plugging and connecting with the internet. Now you’re ready for HD streaming. It is not only limited to free channels, this remote is also compatible with paid channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc as well. Adding on, you can also connect this remote with free Roku mobile app for searching free movies and shows on your mobile. Buy this Roku remote for $35 and enjoy free 2-day shipping.

  1. Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch- $25.10

Save 10% on the purchase of Smart Dimmer Switch from Philips that means you can buy it for $25.10. Create your home smart lighting solution with this Philips switch. It is battery-powered dimmer and comes with the inbuilt feature of app connectivity. This app connectivity feature makes you control the brightness of this dimmer. You can easily turn your lights on, off, or smoothly adjust the dimness and brightness of the light. Place it anywhere, with the use of adhesive tape.

So, gear up your shopping glasses and explore the smart home device category of Walmart and order some of the best products for the home at very budget-friendly prices.  And, don’t forget to take advantage of Black Friday Sale to save huge on your online shopping.