Top 5 Tours in Amsterdam

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Top 5 Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a diverse town, and accordingly the city boasts many things to see and many ways to see them. Taking a tour is a good option, especially if it’s your first time. Two of the most favourite ways to tour the city are by boat through the canals or by bike through the streets. And after you’ve chosen your mode of transportation (boat, bike, or feet) then you need to choose want you want to see—such as an overview of Amsterdam or a special section or history of the city. We’ve compiled this list to help you narrow down all these choices to some of the best tours in Amsterdam. Plus, you can always find the best Amsterdam tours and tickets on the web!

Beer Tour

In 1864 the Heineken brewery was established in Amsterdam. Today you can go inside the old brewery to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this tasty pilsner, including the Heineken’s family history. A self-guided tour is provided; expect it to take about 1.5 hours.

Cannabis Tour

Because marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, you shouldn’t be too worried about getting some greens, but do take note of the country’s laws on weed use. When April 20 rolls by and it’s 4:20 early in the morning or late in the afternoon, try visiting a coffeehouse. (Take note that it’s spelled as one word; otherwise, you’ll get it all mixed up with a regular coffee house.)

Amsterdam is crawling with these establishments that sell joints in all kinds of marijuana strains. You can casually waltz in and buy your favorite stash of weed (don’t exceed the five-gram daily limit, though) and smoke in designated areas while you play board games and drink coffee. And while you’re celebrating Weed Day and munching on some space cookies, take the time to read up on the colorful history of this holiday.

Bike Tour

This small tour company, Joy Ride Tours, is family run. It specializes in bike tours that take you out of the city and into the charming Dutch countryside. If you’re looking to stay in town, don’t worry, it offers plenty of city-based private tours too. A good getting-to-know-Amsterdam tour is their 3–4 hour Private City Tour. See their website for other options.


World War II Tour

This tour is for World War II history buffs, or for those who want to learn more. Let the experienced and knowledgeable guides walk you through the occupation of Amsterdam, the persecution of the Jews, and the city’s ultimate liberation by the Canadians. Enlightening!

Classic Boat Tour

With three beautifully restored wooden boats, the fleet of the Classic Boat Tours can sure impress. Many of the tours include food, which makes for a romantic dinner on the water. The tours tend to be slightly pricey but worth it if you’re looking for something a little different.

Food Tour

The soon-to-be-launched Eating Amsterdam food and culture tour (a 3.5 hour walking tour smorgasbord!) will reveal a new (and tastier) side to tourism in Amsterdam. The tour will familiarize tourists with locals — the real people, real food and real neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. Tour highlights include learning about Dutch food traditions and those people and local businesses that are responsible for keeping those very same traditions and culture alive in an ever-changing city. Learn more about the upcoming tour on their website.

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