Top 7 European City Breaks

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Europe is a vacationer’s dream destination where one can have adventures whether you prefer the city, the countryside or the coast. As such, considering an adventurous trip in Europe, you could rent a VW Touareg to make your travels more comfortable, convenient and stylish. So for a short break from your usual routine or for a romantic weekend spree, here are top seven cities you can visit in Europe.

  1. Paris – Who doesn’t love the elegance, the luxuriousness, the lights, and the romantic atmosphere this beautiful city offers? You can live the Parisian lifestyle sipping your favorite drinks on sidewalks cafés as you watch passersby hustle about. It is a truly vibrant city – with countless things to fulfill the senses.
  2. Venice – With the romanticism that is forever attached to the idea of Venice, a lot of people love to visit the place. You can enjoy a gondola ride on the canals of the city. Wander about to discover palazzi and churches and enjoy meals al fresco! Perhaps, you would just laze around in Piazza San Marco as pigeons and tourists flock about.
  3. Barcelona – Blessed with almost beautiful weather throughout the year, Barcelona is the perfect haven for a short stay. You will love the variety of foods, the sounds on the streets and the amazing architecture! Besides, it has beaches!
  4. London – Despite the dreadful weather, London is still a top favorite for most.  You can go shopping, museum-hopping, relax in the many parks and gardens, or take selfies in every major landmark and post it on your social media account.
  5. Rome – If you are a history buff and love pizza and pasta, then Rome it is. History, art, architecture abound in this lovely city. Experience la dolce vita as you sit and relax on lovely piazzas enjoying the views while you dine on gorgeous food and wine.
  6. Munich – This is the ideal place for beer fanatics where beer gardens are some of the most attractive magnets. You can people-watch on the promenade of Marienplatz or indulge in the German specialty foods. Go ice-skating on the Olympiapark or attend Oktoberfest.
  7. Nice – You will love walking the colourful cobbled streets of the old town where you might discover restaurants that serve heavenly food, galleries, and quaint little shops. For a pre-dinner activity, head to the seafront Promenade des Anglais and join the locals and tourists that mill around.

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