To The Top: On a Cruise to the Northern Lands of Europe

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When I think about going on a cruise, I think of warm beach climates like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, but actually there’s more variety available in cruises. There’s adventure, culture, history and landscapes of forests and mountains. Why not sail around the Baltic seas, explore the islands off the UK’s coasts, or gaze at the Northern Lights from a cruise around Scandinavia?

Baltic Cruises

Located between Scandinavia and central Europe, I think the Baltic Sea would be an  amazing place to visit on a cruise, since I like to learn about the culture and history. I’d simply love to visit countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia on my travels through this area.

Scandinavian Cruises

It’s not all culture and history on cruises. The landscapes and scenery are something else I like to experience. Taking time out to relax is good for the soul and traversing the fjords, viewing snow-capped mountains and gushing waterfalls is just fantastic. I can almost feel I’ve gone back in time exploring the waters like a Viking. The chance to incorporate Russia and see the opulent cupolas of St Petersburg would definitely be on my agenda

Scandinavian cruise

Cruise the UK

I live in Britain but, like a lot of people, never take the time to enjoy the place.  There are in fact many cruises traversing the beautiful British Isles. I’d love to see parts of the UK which I’d never normally see, like some of the 600 islands which surround Great Britain and Ireland. There’s so much history and scenery with castles and hills, as well as cities dating back thousands of years. I think I may forego sunnier climes to take a cruise round the Channel Islands or the Scottish Isles.

A tip from someone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere be sure to be prepared for all weathers. I always hope for sunshine, but I know I’ll need warm clothes and waterproofs just in case!

There are so many spectacular destinations in this part of the world, and I’ve made a list to try and see as much as possible.  Maybe this has inspired you too to try one of these cruises.

Images by 2benny and connor395, used under Creative Commons license.


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