Top Festivals to Attend in Europe

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There is a saying which reads, ‘live life to the fullest’. You surely should live life to the fullest and live like it’s your very last day. The hunch is no one would like to spend his/her last day while sulking, besides that’s why we all compile bucket lists; a list which reminds us that we need to live life to the fullest before we die. If on your bucket list you had not incorporated a trip to Europe to attend Europe’s top festivals then you quickly need to adjust your bucket list. Worry not about the funds as a visit to is all it takes to raise the necessary funds.

Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland)

Flow Festival is a relatively new festival that’s held every year in Helsinki in the middle of August. This year, the festival is going to run from August 10th to the 12th. The festival is hosted at a deserted power plant that accommodates thousands of people. This is an all-music festival where you get to see live performances from jazz artists, pop artists, reggae artists, country artists, and any other music genre you may think of. At the festival, restaurateurs from around the country will come with their food vans, therefore, you don’t have to worry about hunger. The headlining acts at this year’s festival include Kendrick Lamar, Shame, Grizzly Bear and Patti Smith.

Szigeti Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

The Szigeti Festival is a night festival that runs for a week in August each year. This year, the festival runs from the August 8th to the 15th. The festival features artists from all genres. In addition to musical performances, there are also art exhibitions as artists get to exhibit their pieces of work. The festival is hosted on a beach that has several stages. Revellers can either camp at the site or they can book hotel rooms at nearby hotels. It’s advisable though for revellers to book hotel rooms so that they can explore the city during the day and come to the festival at night. The headlining acts for this year’s festival include Arctic Monkeys, Stormzy and Gorillaz.

Oya Festival (Oslo, Norway)

The Oya Festival is an annual festival hosted in Oslo, Norway. The festival which attracts a crowd of 60,000 people every year has grown in stature over the years. The people who attend the festival come from different parts of the world. At the festival, artists from all genres perform from jazz, heavy metal, pop, RnB to Rap music. The festival is held in August and it always starts on a Wednesday. This year, the festival will run from August 7th to the 11th. The headlining acts for this year’s festival include Kendrick Lamar, Lykke Li and Arcade Fire.

Bilbao BBK Live Festival (Bilbao, Spain)

The Bilbao BBK Live festival is an event which seeks to promote European artists. The festival almost exclusively features European artists and bands only. Located at the foot of a hill, you can climb up the hill during the day or even at night to catch a glimpse of the beautiful city below you. The headlining acts for this year’s festival include Alt-J, Florence + The Machine and The XX.