You Cruise, You Lose? Definitely Not!

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It feels like cruising is the new black – it’s everywhere, and definitely in vogue. Why is this? Well, I guess the chance to see several places within the space of one holiday, with luxurious surroundings to travel in, really does attract travellers in their millions.

A cruise is a fast track way to enjoy places in abundance, and relax all at the same time, and when you combine your cruise with a cheap flight, and maybe a night in a hotel beforehand, you’re looking at a fantastic holiday, for a very low price tag.

I recently stayed at one of the hotels near Stansted Airport prior to a flight out to Barcelona, to meet my ship, and the chilled-out manner in which I started my break really did add to the overall quality of my holiday. No rushing around like a headless chicken, and no stress. There is no better way to start a break.

Of course, the one worry I did have was over a possible delay to my flight, and if I missed my cruise. This was me being rather neurotic however, as I had time and plenty to spare, yet I took to checking real-time information on Stansted departures on the days leading up to my departure, just to keep myself au-fait with any developments, as well as airport information. I do this regularly now regardless of where I’m going, because up to date information is priceless when it comes to travel plans, plus I find out fun things, like where I can eat!

A chance to visit several place of interest is the perfect answer to a holiday dilemma when you just don’t know where you fancy. I simply browsed itineraries and booked the one that had the most in terms of where I’ve always wanted to see. The chance to browse before you buy is also a way to look at cruising, because if you visit somewhere for the day during the course of your cruise, and you enjoy it that much, then you know your next land-based holiday could be to that destination. Think of it like a pick ‘n mix kind of holiday.

The on-board facilities are of course second to none, with theatres, casinos, huge swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, beauty facilities, huge atriums … the list is endless, and the food is so plentiful and diverse, nobody will ever struggle to find something to fill their boots!

Whether you decide on a fun in the sun Caribbean cruise, a culture and sun mixture in the Med, or something a little chillier and natural, like the Norwegian fjords, a cruise will be a holiday like nothing you’ve experienced before, and for that reason alone, cruises deserve their on-trend title.

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