Your Ultimate Guide to Travelling to the World Cup in Brazil

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Travelling to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup is not for the faint of heart! This year Brazil will host visitors in twelve separate cities, situated throughout the fifth largest country in the world. From futbol to cervezas there’s something for everyone. The following guide highlights the stadiums, tourist attractions, and regional weather within three of the most popular areas in eastern Brazil.

State – Rio de Janeiro

Maracana Stadium: A total of six matches (and the World Cup Final) will be held in the Maracana Stadium. Renowned on the field and off, the stadium can accommodate 78,000 fans for 2014 world cup betting .

Tourism and Hiking: Rio is a tourist’s paradise. It’s possible to climb up the Dois Irmãos, Corcovado, or enjoy a three-hour bus tour to the Petropolis (19th-century holiday residence of aristocrats and Brazilian Emperors). Hike along a mountain trail or travel by motorboat to one of the exotic local islands.

Rio Regional Weather: The 2014 World Cup takes place in June and July… wintertime in Rio! Typical temperatures range between 25 and 30C therefore, shorts, sandals, bikinis, and swim trunks are not out of the question. Plan to layer clothing, and prepare for cooler weather and occasional rain.

State – Bahia

The Estádio Fonte Nova Stadium: The Estádio Fonte Nova Stadium is scheduled to host a quarter-final and six of the 2014 World Cup events. In 2007, the stadium was rebuilt, following the collapse of an upper terrace. One of the most accessible stadiums, it is known for its lovely view of a nearby lake and the glimmering evening lights.

Local Pubs: Just a short distance from the Pelourinho (the historic centre), it is possible to enjoy beer and ethnic foods throughout the celebrations. Or travel to Rio Vermelho and experience the local flair and cultural traditions.

Bahia Regional Weather: While temperatures rarely drop below 20C it can rain for several days during the winter season, from June through August.

State – São Paulo

The Itaquera Stadium: The “Itaquerão” Stadium is set to host six of the matches, as well as a quarter and semi-final games. Due to the addition of temporary stands, the stadium is expected to bring in 65,000 fans during each match of the World Cup Series.

Nightlife and Tourism: There are several metropolitan areas that feature nightclubs, restaurants, and local bars. With a population of approximately 22M residents, São Paulo is undoubtedly the biggest city in South America. Exhibits, theatre, concerts, classes, music festivals, and celebrations are also certain to entertain guests from around the world. While not on the coast, Sao Paulo is just a short distance from some incredible beaches and tourist attractions.

São Paulo – Weather: Located towards the south-eastern section of the country, the weather in this area during June-July can reach extremes, even within the scope of a single day. Varying between 5 and 20C, rain is unlikely; however, warm clothes and comfortable shoes will make the stay much more comfortable.

Each one of the locations provides exciting opportunities for fans navigating their way through World Cup 2014. These three regions alone offer an amazing travel experience…from matches and clubs… to mountains and beaches!

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