Authentic Meals in Italy

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Whether you are visiting Rome, Florence, or Venice you are going to find delicious food in high-class restaurants, small dives, and street vendors. While most people think of lasagna or spaghetti & meatballs when contemplating Italian food, I advise that you skip these American main stays in favor of the incredible choices Italy has to offer. Here is our list of authentic meals in Italy.


authentic meals in italy

You can purchase prosciutto in the states but it’s just not the same as the authentic salted meat from the homeland. Prosciutto is dried and salted pork which is cut Bible paper thin and served with a mélange of ingredients. Prosciutto can be served with olives, pecorino cheese, or melon.


Go risotto

Risotto is another dish popular by upscale restaurants in the U.S. that you must try in Italy. It’s made with short-grain Arborio and is known for the laborious process of making it. In order to make a true risotto warm broth (chicken or fish) is slowly added to the rice over time. Italian risottos are typically made with fresh broth and produce. Additionally, they are not are cheesy as their American counterparts

Trippa Romana

Trippa Romano

If you are an adventurous eater try to find some Trippa Romana. This distinctly Roman dish is made from a pig/cow’s stomach lining. The meat is then topped with a delicious red sauce and pecorino cheese. If you can get over the rubbery texture and the fact that you are putting an animal’s stomach in your stomach this is a delicious taste of the city.


authentic italian pizza

There is not much to say about this but Pizza in Italy is very different than pizza in the states. The sauce is usually San Marzano tomatoes and cheese is sparse. Some popular toppings in Itlay are the Margherita, Funghi, and the surprisingly delicious Prosciutto and Melon.



A type of stuffed pasta that is not often seen in the U.S. Agnolotti is similar to tortellini as they are basically mini ravioli’s. Agnolotti are typically stuffed with Burrata cheese and some type of meat. This is my favorite stuffed pasta and must have in Italy.

Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini Mushrooms

Many restaurants in Italy do their own foraging for Porcini mushrooms. If you are mushrooms fan like myself then order Porcini an all of the dishes I mentioned above. Mushroom risotto is delicious, and these taste incredible on a pizza.


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