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Five Epic New Zealand Road Trips

A summer road trip can be one of the best types of adventures to go on. Whether it’s just you, a trip with your buddies, or a packed car full of family members, the open road for a good few days is always an exhilarating journey. There is nothing like a bonding trip to fills… Read more

5 Ways Moving Abroad Could Benefit You

Travelling definitely has many benefits. But sometimes travelling just doesn’t cut it for some people. For example, a person might travel to a certain country and fall in love with the place so much that they develop the desire to live there. Or maybe some people just want a change of scenery and to get… Read more

Summer Holiday at the Beach [Infographic]

Apparently, we’re all going on a summer holiday this year – and it’s in the UK. According to a survey by Away Resorts, who operate new forest glamping at Sandy Balls, over one third of Brits plan to take their main break in the UK this year. With 44% saying they will be staying near… Read more

Plan Your Adult Spring Break Trip

Being out of school doesn’t mean that you can’t get out and celebrate spring break. In fact, being an adult may provide the best excuse to take a spring break vacation. Think about it. You have a job to afford it, and days off that you need to take. If you really think about it,… Read more