Bat Migration Near Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX

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Witnessing the bat migration that occurs annually in Austin, TX near the Congress Avenue Bridge is truly something special. If you’re lucky enough to visit the capital during November, this is one mind-boggling sight you’ll never forget — provided you have the stomach for it.


The construction team originally had no idea they were designing the perfect bat roost when they redesigned the Congress Avenue Bridge. The historic bridge in Austin now plays host to nearly 2-million bats annually, a statistic that originally alarmed residents of the area. Residents actually called for the bats to be eradicated until they learned their presence was hugely beneficial in terms of controlling the insect population. Natural pest control made these bats actually grow to become revered over time, a nearby sculpture erected in their honor.

These Mexican-freetail bats are actually very gentle by nature and produce virtually no threat to humans unless provoked, but residents are more prone to look on in awe. Darkening the bright blue Austin skies with their humbling migration patterns, this is a powerful display of what nature can do.

Of course there’s far more to do in downtown Austin than check out the wildlife. If you’re looking for the ultimate stay, there’s nowhere better than the Driskill Hotel.

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