Currywurst is the Curryworst

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Never again.

Ok I’ve been in town for just over a month and I see these stands on every corner. I heard about the Currywurst from all my friends who have visited Berlin… I have also heard that they are absolutely terrible. But it seemed like I was never going to get out of this city without trying it. So I went out by myself and had a couple drinks at Lerchen und Eulen once I was a little tipsy I made the pilgrimage to the nearest currywurst stand.

For the uninitiated, currywurst is basically a German sausage slathered in ketchup and curry powder sometimes served with potatoes. So go up to the vendor and pantomime that I want the traditional currywurst. So the guy serves me up a heaping pile of sausage, dumps about half a bottle of ketchup on it and a handful of curry paste. I find a bench and dig in.

Let me say first that I am an adventurous eater. This was absolutely awful. I don’t know if the Berlin hipsters who seem to frequent these stands are eating this ironically because it is one of the worst flavor combinations I can imagine. Maybe if there wasn’t so much ketchup mixed in with curry paste it wouldn’t be so bad but the sweetness of the ketchup clashes with curry and the hot dog itself was pretty awful.

I ended up walking around for awhile until I found a homeless person and gave him my currywurst. The look in his eyes made me think that he must get currywurst all the time from disgruntled tourists.

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