Luxurious Stay, Big Savings and Exotic Destinations

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If you have made up your mind and want just to move out of your house and enjoy your stay at some of the most affordable destinations in Europe, here are some suggestions for you.
We curate suggestions to make sure that you enjoy your time vacationing and save money too!

krakow at dusk
This is a Polish city that attracts tourists because it draws a history of more than 750 years and people still talk about it in the city. Locals will be able to guide you to the best spots in the city, but it is advisable to know more about the city before visiting Krakow.

Most of us have only heard mostly in movies. Local and foreign films usually talk about Istanbul and one might feel that Istanbul is a place where you will only find violence. However, that is not true. In Istanbul, you will find many tourist attractions and is a spot where you will willingly stay for a couple of extra days without thinking twice. Cheap eats and affordable lodging will only motivate you to stay for a longer time in the city.


fc barcelona

FC Barcelona plays under the lights at Camp Nou

If you have only heard of Barcelona, it is probably because of the popular Football Club and for no other reason. However, Barcelona is a place where you will find various daytime attractions that will keep you busy throughout the day. It even has an active nightlife that will keep you occupied throughout the night.
Talking about the expenses, Barcelona is not the cheapest city in Europe, but it is not in the top 10 expensive cities list too!
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For those who love to explore a place that will not exhaust your credit cards and still be a beautiful place to stay in Europe, one should skip cities like London, Rome, Paris, etc. and visit Budapest. Budapest is a place where you will find diversity while dining and beautiful culture that has not been explored by many travelers.

Tower of the Serranos
Spending lazy hours along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and accessing high-speed trains from Barcelona and Madrid is possible if you are planning to spend some time in Valencia. Valencia is a vibrant Spanish city where you will find quirky festivals, golden beaches and beautiful museums.

Central Dalmatia
If you are hearing this city’s name for the first time, it is probably because it is still developing its tourism section. However, the city boasts of historic sites, clean beaches and amazing weather conditions if you are visiting the city during summertime. If you are visiting Central Dalmatia, don’t forget to tour Diocletian’s Palace.

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